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I hereby proudly present to you the 2nd edition of Sparkle26.com!

With “Free Spirit” still fresh in mind I would now like to focus on ‘Connection’. Connection is something I have given a lot of thought this last year, more than ever before. Maybe it is because I have been online for several years and have now reached a certain point. I have been connected with a lot of people over the past years, which is substantial for an online influencer and I wouldn’t want to miss this contact for the world. But the balance seems to be a bit lost, it sometimes seems as if people avoid ‘real’ contact with each other, one to one, face to face. This leaves me feeling uncomfortable, because I do like the feeling of being truly connected with each other, which includes looking each other in the eye, a touch of a hand, feeling other people’s emotions. Rather than sharing emoji’s, I’d like to hear each other’s spoken comments, laughing together, sharing jokes. It provides me with so much energy. After having given it some thought I appreciate these connections I have with people even more so.

Children seem to get along with each other much easier than adults. The desire to play with each other comes naturally, they look out for each other and have the ability to connect quickly with each other. Regardless of their background or any language barriers, children bond easily. I have noticed this when I was on holiday with my daughter and remember this from when I was a child, how different from us adults. This childish ability to connect has inspired me and I find it beautiful. This second edition of Sparkle26.com has become my creative outlet towards connection, I hope I can inspire you with beautiful content!

With love,

X Frederieke Wieberdink

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