Are you already dreaming of that summer holiday that is coming up? Warm, long days playing at the beach, trying local cuisine and discovering new places? I know I am! Those family holidays are memories that you can treasure for the rest of your life! And your kids will too! And what do you need when you go to a sunny, warm country? Exactly, clothes to fit the occasion. Loose, flowy, airy, easy to wear garments are all you need for a summers day. Something that doesn’t get in the way when you’re building sandcastles or strolling around a local market town. A kids fashion brand that offers exactly that, is Tocoto Vintage. I found this little treasure on one of our online discovery sessions. And I fell in love with the soft colours and summery, vintage designs right away!

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When I started reading a little more about this gorgeous brand, I found out that the heritage of this brand is perfectly represented in the clothing. The designer is from the small island of Formentera, a romantic, rustic island with stunning nature. The characteristic of the island inspired her to go look for vintage designs and repurpose the old patterns and shapes into new items. Finishes with meticulous care, with weatheres dusty colours ranging from grey, taupe, pink and weathered blue, all wrapped in a harmonious combination of hoods, and lace edgings. The result of this combination of inspirations is just stunning. I love the usually very colourful and bright world of kids fashion but Tocoto Vintage offers a little calmness and tranquility to change things up a bit. Something different, perfect for those long summer days with the people you love most! What do you think of Tocoto Vintage? What items would you shop for your kids summer holiday?

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