Earlier I told you that Dutch kids fashion has a lot to offer, we don’t just do tulips, windmills and clogs you know ;). Another example of a Dutch pearl is the brand Kidscase. This kids fashion brand was founded in 2000 in Amsterdam by┬ádesigner Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk and marketer Merel Verbrugge. Kidscase makes simple, fashion forward designs with a lot of attention to detail and edgy colour combinations. It’s the contrast between simple shapes but the quirky colour combinations and gorgeous details that attracts me so much in this brand.


If you’re a regular reader of Sparkle26 you probably know that I care a lot about the responsibility for the environment ├ánd people brands take. What I love about Kidscase in this sense is that they are very dedicated to achieving the best possible circumstances for the environment and the people while producing their clothes. It isn’t always easy to stick to these goal as organic fabrics are usually a lot more expensive and you are competing against big brands with a lot more opportunity to create their own production facilities. But Kidscase has stuck to their goals and at the moment about 70% of each collection is made of organic cotton, of which 50% is certified as made under humane working conditions. And they are still powering on to increase these numbers!

The collection

Comfortable, wearable, sophisticated, and radiating style and cool chic. A few words that describe the collections of this Amsterdam label. Their collections are inspired by street- and sportswear just as well as by high fashion. In the current AW17 collection we see a lot of soft, rich fabrics with a lot of gorgeous knits to make each look stand out. The colour palette is very on trend with lots of deep greens, mustard and burgundy. Lastly, the newborn collection is just adorable in lovely soft colours with trendy prints and eye-catching details here and there. I can’t wait to share the new summer collection with you, so stay tuned!

Shop Kidscase here

Shop Kidscase here


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