The amazing imaginary world of kids baffles me every time I get the pleasure of entering this world for a little while. When my own kids are playing in their rooms for hours at a time with nothing more than a few toys and their imagination, I sometimes wish we’d be able to that every now and again in our adult life. The world of children is so much bigger than ours, with imagination the possibilities are never ending. It offers you an escape to a whole different world that you can design however you fancy. A kids fashion brand that tries to bring together the imaginary, playful world of children and the modernĀ aesthetics of parents is Repose Ams.

Repose Ams.
This Dutch kids fashion label tries to bring a little piece and tranquility to kids fashion without losing the playfulness. Hence the name Repose. The collection is beautifully crafted with the softest fabrics and just breathes tranquility and calmness. The general colour scheme is very soft and soothing. Beautiful pastel pinks, blue’s and yellows paired with traditional black, red and navy make for a very cohesive collection. The playful element is introduced by adding details like ruffles, stripes or all-over graphic prints. Repose Ams have really done an amazing job at finding the perfect mix between repose and playfulness.

This collection gives you a lot of options in terms of combinations. Because of the soft colour scheme the items from Repose Ams are easy to mix and match with items that can add a pop of colour to the look if you fancy. Are you feeling a softer look? Then you can combine multiple items from the collection together or pick an eye catcher and add your own items like a washed pair of jeans or plain jacket for example.

See more of Repose Ams by clicking on this link

See more of Repose Ams by clicking on this link

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