At the beginning of this year I had one New Years resolution for myself, and that was to focus less on the perfect image and more on what makes me happy and what matters to me. When you run an online business like me, it’s easy to get lost in post reach, likes and comments and to adjust your content to fit the ‘perfect image’. But that is not what I want to be about. I’m about sharing my love for kids fashion with you, and showing your styles, looks and brands that are just a little different and that you can’t find around every corner of the street. That is what makes me, me and that is what you can find on Sparkle26! To stay in the spirit of uniqueness and ‘something different’, I want to introduce a brand to you that does that perfectly. They are trendy but with their own touch of uniqueness and just a little quirkiness to create something truly one of a kind. They challenge the boundaries of what ‘goes’ and do their own thing. I am of course talking about Munsterkids!

A little about Munsterkids

Inspired by the urban legend of Mikey Munster, the devious side of every kid, munster garments balance a mix of kid themes and adult styling with durability and comfort leaving them satisfied and you feeling a little jealous. Munsterkids is a little cheeky, and is the perfect fit for all the little rebels out there! Paying tribute the children’s endless imagination and boundless energy, the styles that Munsterkids creates every season are playful, creative, quirky and just that little bit different. I love it!

This summer season the standout pieces for boys are the dyed sweaters and T-shirts with a pink, yellow, purple, green and blue colour explosion. The weathered baggy sweat shorts or cool black and white checkered shorts are a perfect, quirky match with these statement pieces. Get your little boy a cool dyed cap to give the look that real skater boy feeling and you’re all ready to rock the streets! What look would you shop for your little rebel? And for the girls, well you just should have a look. Cool prints and color combinations with an edgy twist. What are your favorites?

Click here to shop Munsterkids

Click here to shop Munsterkids

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