I personally have a big love for shoes. Since I was little I’m sort of obsessed with them, don’t blame me. And as a Kids Stylist I love to complete an outfit with a good pair of shoes. The feeling you get when you are wearing a pair of shoes that you absolutely love is the best there is. Don’t you agree? Shoes can make a basic outfit, not so basic after all. The effect a pair of shoes can have on your outfit, I think is amazing.

Today I would love to introduce to you the kids shoes brand Novel Walk. I found them during my online search for new brands and musthaves. And I must say, this brand is one you need to know. Novel Walk is an Spanish brand from Barcelona and established in 2016. So quiet new! Novel Walk is created by Cati Ferragut, who decided to take on a new adventure after a intense career as a footwear and accessoires designer. With Novel Walk she creates the shoes that she always dreamed of for her own children. The production of the kids shoes is all done in Spain and the shoes are produced with an ethical and responsible design code. Which I personally really appreciate.

Cool and fashionable designs, rich textures and good quality. When looking at the collection I would love to wear them myself. Especially whit these cold winter day’s they are an absolute must. I am already looking forward to the SS18 collection. What about you?

Click here to go to the website of Novel Walk


Click here to visit the website of Novel Walk

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