Hey you! Good to see you’re back here on Sparkle26! Today I’ve got a real treat for you so stay tuned! What I love so much about kids, and kids fashion, are the endless possibilities. Nothing is ever too crazy or silly for kids, their lives should be full of fun, playfulness, dreams and adventures. And their clothes can represent this amazing phase in life. Another thing that kids are really good at, and I think adults should maybe do a little more is asking questions. Children have a never ending curiosity for everything around them. ‘Mommy, where does the sun go to sleep when it gets dark?’ or ‘Do clouds have the shape of things or do things have the shape of clouds?’. Kids have such an interesting way of seeing the things around them, and that is exactly what the Spanish kids fashion brand I want to talk to you about today, have based their collection on. And the result is, as always, simply amazing!

Bobo Choses
The brand I want to talk to you about today is a real treat. Bobo Choses is a longtime favourite of mine, and every collection is as surprising and playful as it is beautiful and comfortable. This Spanish brand has been conquering the kids fashion industry for the past 10 years, and they really show a love for design ànd the environment. For the coming spring/summer season Bobo Choses has created a story of little Jane Morris Goodall who is exploring the world and asking questions about all the things around her. How many questions can you ask in a summers day?

We see some cool prints in the colour palette that has become a Bobo Choses signature. The shapes of all the items are designed with the kids in mind, flowy dresses, baggy trousers or oversized off the shoulder sweaters. All with just the right design so it looks perfectly stylish but is incredibly comfortable for the kids. As expected, Bobo Choses did not disappoint with their SS18 collection and with every collection I’m falling more and more in love with this brand. Should I shop the cool beige printed jumpsuit, the banana t-shirt or maybe that playsuit with cool cloud print? I can’t decide! What item from the new Bobo Choses collection is your favourite?

Click on this link to shop Bobo Choses

Click on this link to shop Bobo Choses


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