When I say major fashion brand, I really do mean major. A brand that has left his mark on the fashion world and changed it forever over and over again. What brand I’m talking about? Chloé! Not everyone knows that this high-end, but gorgeous nevertheless, fashion brand also has a children’s line. And it’s one you shouldn’t miss out on.

About Chloé

Established in the 1950’s by the Egyptian Gabriella Aghion. After moving from Egypt to France she started designing a small collection and hired a seamstress. In 1952 she released the first Chloé collection. Ever since then the fashion house has been groundbreaking in the fashion industry. They were the first to introduce wedges for example, and in 2005, the first real IT-bag was of course, a Chloé. The past few decades Chloé has known many different creative directors like Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney, who each put their own stamp on the brand, but still honouring the original style of the fashion house. A few words that describe Chloé would be, boyish elegance, Parisian, delicate, artistic and quirky.

The children’s collection

When designing the children’s collection, Chloé hasn’t forgotten about it’s core style. The girls designs look like they’re effortlessly derived from the women’s collection without being too adulty, you get me? Classic lines and shapes are mixed up with modern and quirky details that make each and every item stand out. I love the versatility Chloé gives you as well, because you can use any item from the collection as the eye catcher in your look, but because of the soft colour palette of most items, they are also perfect to mix and match with items that are more busy on the eye like brightly coloured all over print items. Overall, a brand that is on the high-end side of things but is totally worth it because of the sophistication in design and the versatility. What do you think of the Chloé girls collection?

Shop Chloé childrens wear here

Shop Chloé childrens wear here

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