During our visits to the different kids fashion fairs last month, we have spotted the new collections of a lot of cool brands. Besides the brands that we already know, we have also spotted a few new cool kids fashion brands. And we are very excited to tell you more about it! As we believe the collection looks really cool and there is a nice story to tell. One of the brands is Barn of Monkeys and we have asked them some questions! Do you read along?

Please do tell! What is the story of Barn of Monkeys?
”At the Barn we are a small team of monkeys that came together for their spirit of dreamers, aiming for creativity and art as our best tool. We share the same love for stories and the hunger for discovery; that combined with what we stand up for as humans, what makes us happy, the needs of the industry, the aim for a new slow fashion definition combined with new sustainable goals, gave us Barn of Monkeys concept.”

That sounds great. What is the new FW18/19 collection about? It looks great. 
”AW18 is about Science and how fun it can be! The meanings of it, the doors it can open and why, how we can explore it and learn from it translated into our colors and prints for this season. Translating it to our entire collection and still meet up with our gender free standard!”

What are your favorite key-items from the collection?
”For us, as we know the story behind each print and pattern it is hard to choose our bets items, they all have their uniqueness and we stand up for every choice of course. But we have indeed a few statement pieces that exhale how Science can be seen as a form of art: Our lab dress, our cellular knitwear sweater, our culottes with Eureka print…”

How is the name Barn of Monkeys born? What does it stand for?
”The Barn came up as an idea of the creative space we build when something is being cooked, such as illustrations, designs, color choosing, brainstorming of concepts, all of it. The expand of mind exercise only happens when we build the Barn around ourselves, and then monkeys just seemed a good combination, for the delivery of the final result.”

Nice story. Curious, how did you (as a team) design de new collection? What are the steps you take?
”At the Barn we don’t have a specific guideline to follow, the brainstorming happens and ideas flow around and immediately things/ options start to be shaped in different ways so that everyone can make each idea their own with different approaches. Images, concepts, traveling ideas and lots of fun just happen at the same time, everything just runs smoothly and when we realize there are too many things on the table… And then the hard part of defining the final concept of the next season. After that, we create our relation with the theme.”

What can we expect of the SS19 collection of Barn of Monkeys? So excited.
”SS19 will be like a 2.0 version of ourselves since we just became 1 year old with AW18. So SS19 will become a wiser season, more hunger for improvement, more wings to fly now that we know what we came here for, what we can do and what the market is ready for. It’s like the confidence we needed to give shape to our mind sharpest idea! It will be something you are totally not expecting, that’s what we can share.”

At last. f you have to describe the brand is 3 words? What will it be?
”Artsy, Playful and honest.”

De summer 18 collection of Barn of Monkeys is out now. Go check out there website to see the entire collection and be inspired!

Click here to go to the website of Barn of Monkeys

Rita, showing one of her own favorites of the FW18/19 collection.

Click here to visit the website of Barn of Monkeys


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